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Employer Advisory Services

NorthPoint Financial Planning offers several employer services including retirement plan advisory, executive compensation, business succession planning and business plan development. 

Retirement Plan Advisory

NorthPoint can help your organization get more from your employer sponsored retirement plan.  We utilize a multi-factor model to evaluate, design, source and implement retirement plan services specifically for the unique objectives and cost constraints of each employer.

In addition to an independent evaluation of the costs and effectiveness of your company sponsored  retirement plan, NorthPoint provides advisory and fiduciary support to both Plan Sponsors and Participants.  

Several factors included in our Retirement Plan Evaluation, Design and Support Model include:

                                                                                              (click for magnification)





Executive Compensation

NorthPoint designs executive compensation plans that seek to meet the requirements of management, board of directors and shareholders. Our approach to executive compensation will allow stakeholders to benefit from an integrated plan which combines deferred compensation along with other components.


Business Succession Planning

NorthPoint assists closely held businesses with navigating the obstacles inherent in the business succession process, setting up a smooth transition between the current and future owners of the business. Succession planning can be especially complicated in family businesses because of the relationships involved. Because of the complex nature of many succession plans, it is a good idea to begin the planning process 5 to 10 years before the plan is fully implemented.


Business Plan Development

An organization's strategies and plans create the foundation that impact all aspects of the business.  A well considered set of strategies and tactics, enabled by capable people, processes and technology, can define the success of an organization.  NorthPoint  facilitates and documents this critical process for organizations seeking to grow.

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