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We employ strategic investment strategies with tactical asset class tilts and if desired, values-based portfolios.

● Strategic allocations are managed to a specific allocation target and rebalanced periodically to ensure that the allocation remains within range. Long-term target weights for asset classes are constructed and selected based on each individual's unique time horizon, risk tolerance, and required rate of return to meet his or her financial goals.

● Tactical asset class "tilts" utilize analytics to respond to changing market conditions. Here we look for signs of relative strength as a way of identifying good buying opportunities and, conversely, we aim to sell when we determine signs of relative weakness. Using tactical asset overlays, we may deviate from the target long-term weights or the strategic asset allocation  within tolerance ranges based on our return expectations at a given point in the market cycle.

● Values-based portfolios are constructed by evaluating assets not only for potential profit and risk, but also whether or not they align with a clients unique core values.

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