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By Popular Demand! Coming Soon to Delaware, OH

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I have some exciting news. Based on feedback from clients, NorthPoint Financial Planning has scheduled a Savvy Soiree Episode 1: Tax Efficient Investing for 6:30 pm, July 15, 2021 at Co-Hatch in Delaware, OH.

With the impacts of new tax legislation, it is more important than never to understand how to increase the tax-efficiency of your investments. During this event you will learn 5 ways to invest efficiently (the “Savvy”) by implementing:

  • Tax-efficient accounts

  • Tax-efficient choices

  • Investment Location Preference

  • Diversified Holding Periods

  • Tax-Loss Harvesting

AND enjoy a selection of wine and local craft beer with other “like-minded” friends of NorthPoint (the “Soiree”)

AND stick around for a chance to win our “mystery” door-prize!

If you have money in an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or any other type of taxable account, you won’t want to miss this presentation!

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