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By the Number: Year-End Tax Planning Resource

There are lots of important numbers that investors need to keep in mind. In some cases, those numbers are annual limits that change each year. Other times, the figures do not often change, but are used frequently. Given the variety of sources that report relevant numbers, it can be difficult to quickly find the right reference during a client meeting.

In response to this challenge, we’ve created the two-page “Important Numbers” resource. This quick reference guide covers the most important annual limits as well as figures that are commonly referred to during the year. It includes:

  • Tax rates for MFJ, Single, and Estates/Trusts

  • Standard deductions for MFJ and Single

  • Social Security annual limits (including earning limits)

  • Full Retirement Age chart

  • Social Security taxation summary for MFJ and Single

  • Retirement plan annual limits

  • Traditional and Roth IRA annual limits

  • Education tax credits

  • HSA annual limits

  • and More

Click to view and download the full pdf HERE!

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