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Stuck in Meetings?

"I'm gonna be stuck in meetings all day". Most professionals have uttered this sentence at some point in their careers, but as an analysis from Dialpad Meetings has revealed, a not insignificant share in the U.S. could have the right to say it on a weekly basis. Based on anonymized data from Dialpad from January 2019 to June 2021 and a survey of 2,800 U.S. professionals, in an average week 5 percent were in video conferences for more than 20 hours. equating to at least half of their average working time.

As reported by TechRepublic: "Marketing and advertising companies have the most video conferences with an average of 20.9 meetings per person per month. The travel industry is next with 11.1 meetings each month on average, while tech companies come in at 10.5 meetings per month." The Covid-19 pandemic has of course changed how most of these meetings take place, with the survey results also highlighting some of the most common gripes people have with the new formats: Poor audio/video quality, difficulty in reading the room, and not enough features provided by the software.

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